100 Days Before Your Death

100 Days Before Your Death is a 2023 French drama film directed by Jean-Paul Salomé. The film tells the story of 16-year-old Matilda, who learns that she only has 100 days left to live.


Matilda is an ordinary school girl living a full life. She is passionate about music, loves spending time with friends and family. But one day, during a routine medical check-up, she is given a devastating diagnosis – an incurable disease.

Doctors say she only has 100 days left to live. Matilda’s world turns upside down. She feels fear, anger, despair. But gradually she accepts her fate and decides to live the remaining days as brightly and насыщенно as possible.

Matilda makes a list of things she wants to do before she dies. She wants to jump with a parachute, see the ocean, confess her love to her classmate. She wants to live every day like the last one and not waste a single minute.


  • Matilda (Sophie Marceau): 16-year-old girl who learns she only has 100 days left to live.
  • Lucas (Gaspard Ulliel): Matilda’s classmate she is in love with.
  • Matilda’s mother (Juliette Binoche): A loving and caring mother who helps her daughter through this difficult time.
  • Matilda’s father (Guillaume Canet): Matilda’s father who tries to cope with his pain and fear for his daughter.


  • Life and death: The film raises important questions about life and death, about the value of every moment.
  • Love and family: The film shows how love and family support can help a person through the most difficult times.
  • The meaning of life: The film makes us think about the meaning of life and what is really important to us.


The film “100 Days Before Your Death” received positive reviews from critics and viewers. The film was praised for its touching story, realistic acting, and important message.


  • Audience Award at the Cannes Film Festival
  • César Award for Best Actress (Sophie Marceau)
  • Lumière Award for Best Film

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“100 Days Before Your Death” is a touching and life-affirming film that makes us think about the value of life and what is really important to us. The film is recommended for everyone who wants to see a beautiful and touching story about love, life and death.