The US urged Biden to be tougher with Russia

The former head of the US State Department, Mike Pompeo, in an interview with Fox News, called on President Joe Biden to be tougher with Russia and make it clear to Moscow about the serious and rapid consequences of cyber attacks, of which the American side accuses it.

According to Pompeo, Russian President Vladimir Putin sees a weakness in the position of the American leader when he calls for measures to prevent cyber attacks. “He (Putin. – Note ” Tapes.”) sees the president, who told him the following: “Listen, here is a list of 16 objects that you can not touch,” Pompeo said, noting that at the same time there are thousands of other objects for a potential cyber attack.

The American politician pointed out that it is not difficult for Washington to respond to Moscow in the same way, since this will not even require mass mobilization of troops or other similar measures. “We should be ready for such a response,” Pompeo concluded.

On July 9, Putin and Biden had a telephone conversation. According to the press service of the Russian leader, during the conversation, the dialogue on information security and the fight against cybercrime, which was started at the Geneva summit, continued. In the context of reports about a series of cyber attacks allegedly committed from the territory of Russia, Putin noted that, despite the readiness of the Russian side to jointly suppress criminal manifestations in the information space, no appeals on these issues have been received by the competent US agencies over the past month.